Updated availability

My husband and 2 colleagues have some availability for regular maintenance work. We also have some time slots available for one off jobs, and for garden design projects. Please get in touch!


My availability

Please note that I am fully booked for regular maintenance work. I do have some time slots available for one off jobs (from September onward), and for garden design projects. Thank you to all who have made enquiries recently, and sorry I can’t fit you all in!


A large variety of daffodils, all from within my garden!


Common name Daffodil
Latin name Narcissus
Group Bulb
Flowering time Typically February to early May
Planting time September and October
Height and spread 5cm (2in) to 50cm (20in)
Aspect Sun or light shade
Hardiness Mostly fully hardy
Difficulty Easy 

(information from RHS website)

Spring is in the air!

After their winter ‘sleep’, plants are starting to waken again! Snowdrops and Aconites are in full bloom with the occasional Daffodil rearing its cheery head.  Bare trees are beginning to take on a fresh green hue and the ground is starting to warm and dry out after the cloudy winter skies are exchanged with breezy sunny days. Some have cut their grass already, whilst others have begun to reach for their trusted tools to turn over the earth and plant seedlings for the upcoming season. Although there are a few weeks left until Spring officially arrives, we could all be forgiven for believing it’s already here!

Spring catkins!