Special Offer for Spring/Summer 2018

You’ve heard of 1 man and a van


2 Men and a Van (full of gardening tools)!

1 day (up to 12 man hours) = £299

Includes use of professional petrol tools

Includes waste removal (Council charges apply)

Under the direction of:


Member of the Gardeners Guild

Insured, licensed and qualifiedgrass-3189393_1920.png

Fakenham Gardener now Registered Member of the Gardeners Guild


The Fakenham Gardener is now a proud member of the Gardeners Guild.

The RHS says: “The best professional organisation representing garden maintenance gardeners is The Gardeners Guild who require gardeners to prove that they have at least 1 horticultural qualification at Level 2 or above before being accepted as a member”.

Why use a member of The Gardeners Guild?

1. Gardeners must prove that they have at least one horticultural qualification at Level 2 or above before being accepted as a member.
– To achieve a qualification in their chosen field of horticulture (or horticultural related specialism) the gardener has received training, an assessment and has had their identification checked.

2. A good gardener should be easy to contact. You can find a Fakenham Gardener by searching the Member Register – a free to use online directory of qualified gardeners.

3. The Member Register is actively managed and membership is renewed annually. The Gardeners Guild is not a consumer organisation but is committed to quality through careful membership selection and ongoing refining of its members.

4. They have arranged for members to have access to affordable Public Liability Insurance.

5. They provide members with regular legislation updates.

6. They provide members with document templates to help them comply with the law.

7. They provide members with access to a Health and Safety advice line.

8. They provide members with access to a legal advice line.

9. They also arrange member surveys and manage an online forum where members can share best practice and plant care tips.

10. They also promote and encourage attendance on skills training courses such as rose pruning, fruit tree pruning etc.



A large variety of daffodils, all from within my garden!


Common name Daffodil
Latin name Narcissus
Group Bulb
Flowering time Typically February to early May
Planting time September and October
Height and spread 5cm (2in) to 50cm (20in)
Aspect Sun or light shade
Hardiness Mostly fully hardy
Difficulty Easy 

(information from RHS website)

Snowdrops (Galanthus)

At a glance, snowdrops may all appear the same. A closer inspection however reveals there are some 20 species and numerous cultivars (cultivated varieties). Some have a delicate single flower, others boast a double-flowered head. I have seen some named cultivars on sale at £20 for a single flower. I now appreciate snowdrops all the more!


Spring is in the air!

After their winter ‘sleep’, plants are starting to waken again! Snowdrops and Aconites are in full bloom with the occasional Daffodil rearing its cheery head.  Bare trees are beginning to take on a fresh green hue and the ground is starting to warm and dry out after the cloudy winter skies are exchanged with breezy sunny days. Some have cut their grass already, whilst others have begun to reach for their trusted tools to turn over the earth and plant seedlings for the upcoming season. Although there are a few weeks left until Spring officially arrives, we could all be forgiven for believing it’s already here!

Spring catkins!